Which property sectors are showing the most potential in the UAE?

It is never easy to make detailed predictions about property […]

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Five things you need to do if you want to retire early

It is a dream for many, if not most of […]

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What the recent falls on the Dow really mean for global markets

First, the scary headline: the Dow Jones Index just fell […]

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The art of managing managers

It’s remarkable how little help many people get when they […]

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What can we learn from start ups?

At Holborn Assets, we believe there’s a huge amount that […]

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How easy is to retire to the UAE?

Retiring to the United Arab Emirates offers a huge range […]

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Holborn Assets has acquired Globaleye Hong Kong

This coming year will be a transformative one for Holborn […]

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Five investment trends for 2018

2017 was quite a year, wasn’t it? Politically and economically, […]

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Are Crypto Currencies a Safe Investment Bet?

The quick answer to this is no – of course […]

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How to keep leadership simple in a complex world

Human beings are good at creating increasingly complex structures – […]

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