What size team is the right sized team?

We’ll say it straight out: ‘right-sizing’ is a horrible term. […]

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What role does happiness play in leadership?


It probably doesn’t come as a great surprise to learn […]

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How to stop being busy, and lead

Busyness is infectious. Most of us, whether we’re at home […]

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Can anyone really be a leader?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought ‘It’s easy […]

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Which Abu Dhabi property sectors offer the best potential returns?

In recent months, the news for investors thinking of putting […]

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Off-plan sales are down in Dubai – what does this mean for investors?

Here at Holborn Assets we believe that off-plan sales figures […]

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Are you listening hard enough to your teams?

As leaders, we all know that listening to our people […]

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Why the very best leaders encourage people to act

At Holborn Assets we’ve talked before about the importance of […]

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What would happen if we got rid of job titles?

We have become so used to the ideas of job […]

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How to create a shared sense of purpose in your teams

Vision, mission, values… and purpose. Many – in fact most […]

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