Why change is inevitable, and how to manage it

There’s a great quote by the American business thinker Tony […]

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How, where and when to apply effort as a leader

At Holborn Assets we get the sense that successfully leading […]

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Calm leadership – why it’s possible to be a great leader, without raising your voice

By the time you read this (and of course depending […]

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What are the actual, real world benefits of good leadership?

We’re constantly being told how important good leadership is. Our […]

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What role does happiness play in leadership?


It probably doesn’t come as a great surprise to learn […]

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How to stop being busy, and lead

Busyness is infectious. Most of us, whether we’re at home […]

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Can anyone really be a leader?

Have you ever looked at someone and thought ‘It’s easy […]

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Why the very best leaders encourage people to act

At Holborn Assets we’ve talked before about the importance of […]

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How to keep leadership simple in a complex world

Human beings are good at creating increasingly complex structures – […]

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What kind of leader are you?

There are as many leadership styles out there as there […]

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