Off-plan sales are down in Dubai – what does this mean for investors?

Here at Holborn Assets we believe that off-plan sales figures […]

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Long term growth or short term gains? How to invest sustainably

When it comes to our investments, our tolerance to risk […]

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What to look for when you’re thinking of investing in property

Buying a property – whether as a buy-to-let investment or […]

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How to develop an investment strategy

Are you thinking about how to develop an investment strategy? […]

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How to assess an investment opportunity

Firstly, we’re going to assume that you’ve done your due […]

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Investing ethically – what it means and how it can offer great returns

Investors today are increasingly keen to put their money in […]

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Everything you need to know about open and closed investment

‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ describes different types of investment ‘architectures’ — […]

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Planning on investing – what is the best plan?

Investment decisions need to be based on a plan. You […]

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